Goeasycharger  WOYUM

WOYUM ,launched by Shenzhen Goeasycharger Technology Company, a world's leading battery charger manufacturer, founded in 2013, since then, has developed full product categories with competitive price, covering Li-ion, NI-MH, NI-CD battery chargers, Power Bank,car charger, wireless charger, power strip, power adapter, UPS uninterruptible power supply products etc.

     We are always pursuing to improve the battery charging efficiency, energy saving, user-friendly experience. With reliable quality products and proven experienced engineering team, we also care about the environment we are living, and implement the concept into all the product development process, design, prototyping, tooling manufacturing, mass production.

    We dedicate to product innovation continuously, has been researching and designing the solar power charger, UPS uninterruptible power supply sport products with electric generator, wireless charger, etc. Most of the creative product are very successful on the international market.

Why choose Goeasycharger(WOYUM)

1:Customized Services: Goeasycharger is renowned for its professional customized services, offering personalized charging solutions tailored to the specific needs of customers, 

ensuring that the products fully meet their expectations.

2:Rich Experience: The company boasts extensive experience in the field of charging solutions, having successfully provided efficient energy storage charging products for 

prominent companies such as Huawei, showcasing its expertise within the industry.

3:Production Process Control: Goeasycharger has the capability to directly oversee the production process, eliminating intermediaries to enhance production efficiency and, 

consequently, reduce costs, providing customers with a more competitive pricing structure.

4:Innovative Technology: The company is committed to introducing and applying the latest charging technologies, ensuring that customers consistently have access to 

market-leading products that meet the evolving demands of the industry.

5:Comprehensive Services: Goeasycharger not only offers consultation and design services for charging solutions but also provides attentive post-sales support, ensuring

 that customers have a satisfactory experience throughout the entire collaboration.